Some background on our Staff...
The Toddler Room Teachers
(The Funky Monkeys)
Mss. Jessie, Azucena, Alicia, and Chely
Our Toddler Room has three fully-qualified teachers
who have all the necessary course-work and CPR
credentials needed to work with infants and toddlers.  
Ms. Jessie, the Lead Teacher, as well as Ms. Chely
and Ms. Alicia have been with Future Stars for almost
a decade--in fact, all three of Ms. Alicia's daughters
have been Future Stars students.  Ms. Azucena loves
playing with the kids and making sure they're happy &
having fun.  She is also the resident Toddler Room
photographer--Ms. Azu LOVES taking pictures of the
kids throughout the day and posting them for parents
to enjoy.  All four teachers are full qualified Infant
Teachers (per State of CA Licensing requirements).  
The Funky Monkeys are all great friends. Whenever
you walk into the room you'll see the children and
teachers dancing, singing, talking using sign-
language & Spanish, enjoying an art project, reading,
and ALWAYS laughing.
The Two's Teachers
(Groovy Guppies)
Mss. Dede and Christine
Our Groovy Guppies teachers are truly fantastic!  They are
nurturing, energetic, and extremely creative in implementing a
Two's curriculum, which includes academics, art, music &
movement, expanding one's attention span as well as potty
training.  Ms. Christine was a Two's teacher for several years
before joining Future Stars several years ago, and brings a wealth
of experience in preschool education.  Ms. Dede is a mom and
knows how to bring nurturing coupled with structure to the Two's
class.  The two of them are fun, silly,creative, and have an amazing
ability to get a group of rowdy Two year olds to sit and pay attention
during Circle Time, use the potty, respect one-another, and most
importantly enjoy their first experience in preschool.
The Two's/Three's Teachers (The Busy Bees)
Mss. Tanya and Erin
The Busy Bees teachers bring a wealth of experience,
education, and dedication to their classroom.  Ms. Ms. Tanya,
by all accounts, is one of the most nurturing, committed, and
hard-working teachers in the profession, with almost a decade
of experience at Future Stars.  Ms. Erin has been a Future
Stars parent for several years, became interested in early
childhood education and got her credentials to become a
preschool teacher.  The Busy Bees team keep the children
engaged and excited to learn all day long!
The Jr. Pre-K Three's & Four's Teachers
(The Extraordinary Explorers)
Mss. Sarah and Paola
The Extraordinary Explorers teachers are some of the most
creative we have.  Their curriculum is so cool and fun that the
kids are constantly showing their parents around their
classroom and sharing what they've learned.  Ms. Sarah is
one of the most senior members of Future Stars.  She has a
wealth of experience and creativity and is one of the most
dedicated teachers a school could ask for!  Ms. Paola who's
been with the school for over seven years, brings her great
attitude, a ton of childcare knowledge, and her great smile into
the classroom each and everyday; it's no wonder that she is
adored by the children.
The Pre-Kindergarten Teachers
Mss. Azalea and Kristy
Our superstars teachers are not only great teachers,
but friends as well.  They have such great rapport with
each other that it rubs off on the kids!  Ms. Kristy has
been with Future Stars since the beginning, and was the
second teacher we hired back in 2004.  Ms. Kristy brings
over a decade of experience teaching Pre-K children.  
She is an expert in the Zoo-phonics curriculum which
teachers children early reading.  She also insists that
everything in the classroom, from the art projects to the
decor is 100% kid-made.   Ms. Azi has been a preschool
teacher for several years before joining Future Stars.  
She has endless energy, humor, and a unique ability to
engage a group of spirited four year olds in any activity
or task.  Both are fun, witty, and very well- respected
and loved by the children..
Ms. Irene
Ms. Irene comes from a
background in Child
Psychology along with
Health & Fitness.  She
brings to the school the
belief that positive attitudes,
healthy habits, and
ultimately future success are
formed in a child’s early
Future Stars' Owners...Together Since 2003
Ms. Marina
Ms. Marina's background
involves corporate
management, consulting,
and finance.  She received
her Bachelors & Masters
degrees from Columbia
University and worked at
various major corporations
worldwide until the kids
came calling!  Ms. Marina
has two daughters who are
currently Future Stars
The Infant Room Teachers
(The Baby Bugs)
left to right:  Mss. Karen, Yvonne, and Jessica
Our Infant Room team has some of the most experienced
and dedicated teachers around.  Ms. Karen has several
years of experience as a Infant/Preschool teacher.  Ms.
Jessica has worked in a large Infant Center & Preschool for
over eight years, with most of her experience focused on the
little babies.  Ms. Yvonne has been with Future Stars for four
years, working with the infants and toddlers and currently
has her daughter enrolled at FSA.  All three teachers are
moms and all are fully qualified Infant Teachers (per State of
CA Licensing requirements).  The teachers love to engage
the kids in music, reading, sign language, sensory activities,
and playtime.  And they always give the babies lots & lots of
nurturing and love.
Future Stars' Director
Ms. Sarah
Ms. Sarah has over fifteen years of experience in
the preschool industry, including over 11 years at
Future Stars Academy.  Ms. Sarah was FSA's first
employee back in 2004 and has been with the
school through the years, having two children
attend the school.  Ms. Sarah is full of energy and
passion.  She loves watching Future Stars kids
learn and grow, and always looks for exciting
ideas & new curriculum for the kids and school.  
She also has a very close relationship with Future
Stars parents, making sure on a daily basis that
parents' needs and expectations are always
exceeded.  One of Ms. Sarah's sons is a
graduate of FSA and the other is currently a
student in the Funky Monkeys Toddler class