We teach a variety of classes &
activities for different age groups
and interests, including:
Music, Karate, Dance,
Gymnastics, & Soccer:
We encourage our Future
Stars to pursue their interests
through a variety of
extracurricular activities that
take place every day in the
Future Stars has an extensive
& ever-growing science
department.  The science
equipment & materials help the
children conduct science
experiments & make their own
creations (like play-doh or
through learning.
Languages and Cultures:  
Future Stars is such a melting pot
of backgrounds from all over the
time focusing on foreign cultures
and languages.  Spanish is taught
throughout the week, and
American sign language is taught
from the infancy on up.  We also
incorporate other foreign
languages into the curriculum,
including a weekly Chinese class.
Healthy Habits
Healthy habits are important to  instill in children at a young age.  
Therefore, Future Stars incorporates a healthy eating curriculum that
educates kids about fruits, vegetables, good hygiene and dental health.  
Through our Fruit & Veggie of the Month we have recipes & art projects
that get kids excited and learning about eating a new fruit & veggie each
month.  We also have Organic Wednesdays where kids are fed a 100%
organic lunch every Wednesday.  Finally, we use non-toxic cleaning
products at the school to ensure that kids are not breathing unnecessary
chemicals throughout the day.
Potty Training:
We have successfully
potty trained many of
our little ones through
top-secret Future
Stars tricks of the
Computers and the
internet are available
in each classroom
and are a great
learning tool at an
early age.